Content Marketing

We increase the visibility of your website by creating content for both users and search engines.

Content is always at the core of our projects.

We will work on your side

Our copywriters will work with you to create fantastic content for users and search engines.

Vertical skills

Our main expertise is SEO and everything that connects it with the world of ecommerce.

International experience

We also do SEO for multilingual international websites that have their target audience in various markets.

Case studies

Below you can find some of our case studies related to SEO ROI.

Contents for ecommerce .

Thanks to our copywriting editorial team, we are able to offer you deep expertise in the field of SEO-friendly content, which will both increase the positioning of your web site in search engines and help receive more targeted leads and boost sales of your ecommerce.

Content marketing is the fundamental element for the success of your ecommerce project, where content does not mean only texts, but videos, images, and podcasts as well.

The best content marketing strategies ensure that the content is:

  • useful for users
  • persuasive
  • engaging
  • optimized for search engines

When crafting content marketing strategy the first phase is carried out in synergy between an SEO consultant and the client (since no one knows the strengths and weaknesses of their business better than the client).

  • We will work together on the following topics:
  • The target audience;
  • The purpose of the new content;
  • Most suitable call to actions;
  • Content development to boost your website discoverability.

They trust us .