Customized solutions to discover and anticipate the marketing moves of your competitors

Make the best decisions before investing.

Marketing channels

We will find out which traffic source your competition is focusing on.


How does the audience behave? What is the most viewed content? How do they react? What are their favorite social media channels? Where do they come from?

Brand Awareness

How do your competitors talk about their brand? How strong is your competitors’ brand compared to you?

Online Reputation

We will examine your competitors' off-site activities in order to identify any Digital PR / Link Building activities.

How does the Search intelligence service works

These are the main consulting services we offer for companies, web agencies, communication agencies, freelancers.

We always offer the best solutions and the most effective strategies to meet the customers’ goals and expectations.

Traffic Analysis

What is the main traffic source? Organic? Direct? Social? PPC? Which social networks do users come from?

Visitor behavior

How many returning users are there? And the new ones? How long do they stay on your competitors' website?

SERP coverage

How are your competitors positioned in search engines? What areas of search results do they cover?

Off-site profile

What are the competitors' backlinks? Which domains are linking back to them? Are there opportunities to contact partners to boost your offsite profile?

Data Architecture

We analyze the data architecture of your competitors’ websites, their product catalog, and navigation routes. We compare the data with yours in order to identify new opportunities for growth

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We invite you to watch the video to experience our working process and progress.

In this video, we will explain what we have done to grow the website of one of our customers and share the results we have achieved together.

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Search Intelligence .

Is competitor analysis important for your business online success? Indeed it is!

This is the right place to start for every company that wants  to set up a winning  marketing strategy.

The analysis of online competitors is what actually makes the  difference between getting desired  results and wasting marketing budget .

Market research allows us to collect and analyze tons  of data related to channels and tactics your competitors use. After that we can create a strategy to increase the sales of your product and profit. 

Thanks to a variety of tools we use, we can spot and analyze every single step taken by your major competitors. Would you like to know how they are working on social media? Would you like to know how many people visit their online store and make purchases there?

This and much more will no longer be a mystery but precise data in your hands!

Do not waste money on assumptions! Invest in concrete data able to transform your money  into profit.