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We improve visibility of your ecommerce website in search engines for your business long-term success and profit

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Vertical skills

Our main expertise is SEO and everything that connects it with the world of ecommerce.

International experience

We also do SEO for multilingual international websites which have their target audience in various markets

Case studies

Below you can find some of our case studies related to SEO ROI.

We will work on your side

Weekly reports, analyzes, and improvements to be applied immediately to your ecommerce project.

Here is one of our case studies

SEO for Ecommerce.

We always apply the best solutions and the most effective strategies to meet the customers’ goals .

Target Audience Analysis

With this analysis we study language, behavior, and research habits of the target audience.

Inbound Strategies

The best way to attract users who are looking for information on products similar to yours.

Competitor Analysis

Which strategies are your competitors using to be visible in organic channels? On-site and off-site analysis.

Keyword Research

We check the status of the placements and highlight the opportunities to achieve maximum visibility.

Data Architecture

Online store content should be cataloged according to a certain logic, just as shelves in a real store.

SEO Audit

We verify the state of health of ecommerce and the correct implementation of all the SEO guidelines, highlighting the critical issues and suggesting improvements.

On-site Optimization

Basic activities such as writing meta tags and semantics of product sheets are often overlooked while they are important to win in search results.

Web Server Log Analysis

We analyze the behavior of search engine spiders to understand which content they crawl, which they prefer, and which they cannot reach for some reason.

Monitoring and Reporting

To achieve the desired results it is necessary to monitor traffic and main KPIs, and the data must be clear and easily interpretable to act quickly.

Link Building and Digital PR

As a fundamental activity for organic positioning, we collaborate with the best newspapers and have hundreds of vertical and thematic websites.

Ecommerce Platforms.

Hands-on experience on many CMS platforms and ecommerce systems

Thanks to the experience gained by the professionals who are a part of our team we can offer the best advice on many CMS platforms and advanced ecommerce systems such as:

  • Magento 2 
  • Magento 1
  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Salesforce Commerce
  • Cloud (ex. Demandware)
  • Shopify
  • CMS Owners
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Netcomm Business Partner .


We have been a Netcomm member since 2019.

Netcomm, the Italian Digital Commerce Consortium, is the reference point for ecommerce and digital retail in the national and international scene.

Born in 2005, it brings together over 400  international companies and small and medium-sized local companies of excellence.

Netcomm promotes the development of ecommerce and the digital evolution of business, generating value for the entire Italian economic system and for consumers.

Video: SEO for E-commerce .

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